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16 Times Kris Jenner’s Children Were Hella Rude to Her

As a mom to six children, Kris Jenner has been through the thick of it. Crying babies, diaper changes, tantrums, puberty—you name it, Kris has done it. Six times. And what have her kids done to repay her? Shade the hell out of her on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

While there’s no doubt Kris is a proud mama (just take a look at Kim and Kylie’s net worths), we’re sure she gets irked time to time when her children constantly come back at her with an expert clap back. (We mean, they learned it from their mama.) Relive 16 times Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Rob, Kendall, and Kylie made fun of their mom, ahead.

That time Kendall called her mom “a fan.”

That time Kim lectured her mom on Instagram etiquette.

That time Khloe went off on her mom for dragging Kylie’s sex education.

That time Kendall schooled her mom about the environment.

That time Khloe shut down her mom’s joke with a single look.

That time Kourtney and Khloe priortized selfies over their mom.

That time Khloe jizzed on her mom

That time Khloe enlightened her mom about Kylie’s sex habits.

That time Kendall would rather take a Snapchat than listen to her mom.

That time Kourtney just couldn’t handle seeing her mom’s nipples.

That time Kim pranked her mom good.

That time Kourtney outed her mom’s bladder behavior.

That time Scott reminded Kris about technology.

That time Khloe called out her mom for knowing so much about Rob’s school.

That time Khloe knew her mom’s real intentions.

That time Khloe clapped back at her mom’s clap back.

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