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The Best Haircuts for Thick Hair—Ever

Having thick hair can be a blessing a curse. Yes, that’s right: On one hand, you have that gorgeous fullness and volume—.and on the other, you have the frizziness, the weight and the hair-related summer misery. The good news is there are ways to alleviate your thick-hair stress. It all boisl down to making sure it’s cut and styled correctly. Anne Maza, CEO of Olivia Garden Hair Brush and Accessories, weighs in on the three best haircuts for thick hair.

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Long Layers
“If you have medium to long curly hair, a long-layered haircut is a great way to create shape to the hair and add a vibrant bounce to the curl,” says Maza.

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Shoulder-Length Hair
“For thick straight or thick wavy hair, shoulder length is flattering. Also add some light layers to provide texture, movement, and a smooth, blended finish to your look.”

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Bob or Lob Haircut
“If you have thick hair, a bob can be tricky, so it’s important to work closely with your stylist to achieve the best look,” says Maza. “Typically, if you have thicker hair and want a bob, the ends should be piece-y to avoid that mushroom-head look. Or go for a lob, which is a little longer than a bob. It’s very hot right now, and adds weight to thick hair, keeping it more controlled.”

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